Simon Wilcox - writer and editor

Funnily enough, I had always wanted to go back to Birmingham. Often derided as a city of dreary post-war ring roads and industrial warehouses, not to mention a strange local accent, the city had often been dismissed by the many who had never visited it as an ugly sort of place. Yet it was the place where I was born, and where I grew up. It had just been a matter of time really before I returned.

 So, in the dying embers of 2017, the week before Christmas to be more precise, I caught a train to New Street Station to have a look around again. It was the first of a couple of days wandering around town, ambling here and there, for old time’s sake.

So begins my latest book, From Gas Street to the Ganges, which explores Birmingham’s historical links with the countries of the Commonwealth as it prepares to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The story of my return to my hometown, and my journey into all the twists and turns of its rich and varied past, is published by The History Press, which has made it available through numerous outlets.

It’s my second book. The first was Mudlark River, which tells the story of a trip I made down the River Thames in 2013.

The river took me back to London, where I spent much of my life working in editorial jobs before I finally sat down in a house in Warwickshire to write books. Hopefully more on the way …

From Gas Street to the Ganges
Mudlark River
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